Hacking Health Camp 2019 in Strasbourg

Rewarded by the French Union of Private Doctors

The Hacking Health camp took place the last weekend in Strasbourg. It was the fist time we participated to this event.

The concept was to bring together groups of people coming from different areas like care takers, patients, designers and IT persons, in order to build a mobile application or a physical device.

Recordins got involved with the #34 Epilepsy project, which outcome was rewarded by the Union of Private Doctors (Syndicat Médecins Libéraux).

What a successful job we did together ! The application combined interactive patient medical records sharing with the doctors, in a innovative way, that helps better prevention of crisis for the patients.

The organizers, doctors and regulation experts where altogether impressed by the functional richness of the solution, backed by the Blockchain solution for data management.

In your point of view, it was a very good opportunity to challenge our technical solution on a real case scenario. What was encouraging, is that all regulatory experts as well as jurists told us, unanimously, that the Record’in Blockchain Solution was enough configurable for hosting medical records.

Alliance of both data permission levels configuration and Blockchain (network) nodes management allows the GDPR and medical records being safely stored and shared in viable way in their opinion.

This won’t prevent us from going through all the regulatory pathes for certifying final solutions, but anyway, this strength our position for delivery critical data management services.

For the 3 days we had together and the positive outcome of the weekend, I would like to warmly thanks the entire team, Guillaume Bellegarde and Riccardo Calletti as the project owners, as well as Laurent Wiart for his crucial contribution on building the mobile application interface.