Paris Blockchain Week Summit

2 days feedback

I attended the Paris Blockchain Week Summit.

It was the first time ever this event was organized, and which took place at the Station F, the French epicenter of startups’ ecosystem.

The event was spread over 2 days and majority of the sessions were oriented on the crypto-currencies or financial services, very few about assets tokenization for traceability and immutability of information. Some were also about regulations and one about IoT integration.

Global impression was that people and talks were at a realistic and a pragmatic level. Everybody is still talking about the hype of the technology but also already looking beyond that hype for the next stages of blockchain usages.

The event was organized in 2 streams. The main stream was dedicated for round tables with speakers coming from a diversified panel of blockchain startups and working groups, but still more focused on the crypto-currency area. It was the occasion for making a state of the art about the technology itself especially on scalability, security, privacy and some other scope of applications.

The other stream called “French Tech” was dedicated to startups with more concrete presentations followed by exchanges with the audience.

This event was a very good opportunity, even for us, for getting a overview of the current blockchain ecosystem with an international opening ambition. Indeed some speakers went from Asia and from the US as well.

The entire event took place in English, I was really surprised to attend an event in France fully in English. Good surprise. Only one remark: the welcome and registration were good, however for the next time, please make sure at least the coffee service ( and why not catering ? ) remains available during the lunch break and never make people waiting for 2 pm again, so French guys :) !

Thank you to the organizers for this amazing event in the center of Paris. I recommend for everyone aware of the Blockchain who wants to gain more background on the technology.