Pharma Blockchain conference 2019

Potential impact of Blockchain in Pharma & Healthcare

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As a Blockchain solution provider, I attended today the first day of the Pharma Blockchain 2019 conference in London.

The event is organized, and mostly attended by medical and pharma specialists. As an IT person I was really impressed how the entire audience was aware, concerned and involved in Blockchain technology.

Some of them were also coming to see, and get a better understanding about the Blockchain. However most of the audience had already a good vision, even if the conference subject was the “Potential impact of Blockchain in Pharma & Healthcare”

Audience was scientists, pharmacologists, academics, IT managers form Pharma industries, consulting companies, consortium and work groups representatives.

There were also some startups presenting their disruptive new services thanks to Blockchain capabilities.

We started by making a overview of the market trends and progressively moved to more and more specific use cases. The event was integrally oriented to use cases candidates for Blockchain, rather than entering inside technical matters.

There was a presentation demonstrating, thanks also to IA and big data, how the R&D phase could be faster and cheaper especially for young biotechs having limited fundings.

We then moved to more high level considerations, with the PhUSE industry working group, a cross industry collaboration evaluating how Blockchain can transform the pharma industry.

They made a presentation based on a white paper I recommend to read, especially for the work done in collaboration with the FDA, but also for the quality of the uses cases developed inside the document with very detailed sections.

There were also 2 panel discussions between persons coming from different fields, exchanging about the Blockchain from their point of view, as well as with additional inputs form the audience, very interesting.

One of the best statement I could quote today, as a summary of the day of conference is, it will turn to become a success the day we no longer employ the term of “Blockchain” anymore, meaning the implicit usage of the Blockchain without any objection by end users and patients.

That said, I insist on the atmosphere which was much more realistic that the conference I attended the last year in Geneva.

Finally I would like also to thanks the organization for the conditions we could benefit altogether and the opportunity of meeting new interesting people.