Pharma Blockchain conference 2019

day 2

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I attended the 2nd day of the Blockchain Pharma conference 2019 in London.

The focus was given in the morning on the IoT interactions with the Blockchain. One statement I appreciated today was that Blockchain will enable a new Internet, no longer for transmitting data (duplication), but rather for transferring the value of the data. Very enriching.

On the other side we questioned about the identity management for both humans and IoT devices. A vast domain where Blockchain can help on a first stage, but which is also required on a second stage, once the persons/IoTs are identified, for providing more valuable services.

We also attended an amazing session given by a 15 years old girl about the potential Blockchain usage in future of Genomics industry.  I had got this impression to live one unique moment, like when you feel approaching this kind of angel or genies you meet only once in you life. As she said, “age does not matter” when talking about innovation…

I spent the rest of the day by meeting new people. Thank you for reading this post !