Why choose Recordins ?

Recordins is a Blockchain DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) designed to provide traceability guaranty of data.

Time Saving

Recordins adapts to all Businesses. Most of initial platform setup can be managed in the configuration without additional coding.

It offers advanced features that a Blockchain technology does not provide by default.

All described features have been developed in addition to the well known Ethereum Blockchain Protocol.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text



Recordins lets you define the data model of your choice: manage it from the graphical web interface, and deploy changes without any service interruption !

All objects defined in the data model can be linked together, and also can contain attached documents (like PDFs or any other file format), which are uploaded and stored alongside the recorded object.

Out of the box, Recordins lets you decide if an object must comply with the GDPR storage rules for private informations. The choice is made during object definition at the data model configuration stage.


Thanks to the Blockchain technology, Recordins guaranties that the inserted data is not altered over the time with cryptographic schemes and electronic signatures.

Recordins can adapt to many situations in terms of data accessibility requirements without coding.

It implements an authentication layer (user/groups definitions), as well as multiples layers of Access Control Lists (ACLs) which applies at the object's model level, users' owned objects, individual objects and even up to the objects' attributes level !

ACLs define the involved users or groups, and the access level to the data: Read-Write-Delete-Attachments

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Odoo • Image and Text


Recordins is primarily designed to operate for semi-public/consortium governance models. However it could either be deployed on-line or in private networks.

The platform works on top of the Blockchain's nodes architecture, and allows to precisely defines each node capability depending on the context:

- Read only node

- Local or global authentication scheme (user accounts are propagated or not)

- Allow/prevent sending the GDPR sensitive data

- Allow/prevent sending attached documents to other nodes

Modularity and integration

Recordins is internally designed like an ERP. Therefore, it would always be possible to enhance its standard behavior for matching with your needs.

Create actions, reports, or even scheduled maintenance jobs to check the quality of data, and place then into modules ready for deployment on other nodes.

Security mechanisms can also be adapted regarding the authentication scheme or accessibility of data.

Alongside, Recordins also provides integration with other software through JSON RESTful web services

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Odoo • Image and Text

Data visualization

Recordins keeps track of the historical changes of objects.

It lets you fill and access data in several ways thanks to list, form or graphical views.

The first example here shows the list view of some models with the link to their historical states, underneath their first level link.

The second to the right shows the graphical view of links between the current selected object with the others. Here we can see the "Users" ACL object hierarchy.

Data details

Recordins allows to visualize objects details as well as internal system meta-data.

Internal meta-data are read only for users, and shows many helpful informations for data traceability:

- Unique identifier for every object

- Timestamps (creation, upade, delete)

- Creators / Modifiers / Owners

- Attributes values

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Recordins is available on GitHub for free

Please contact us for support services or commercial licenses